What Is A Good Full Sun Ground Cover?

What is the best fast growing ground cover?

The Best Fast-Growing Ground Cover PlantsTrailing Periwinkle (Vinca minor) …

Dragon’s Blood (Red Sedum) …

Creeping Phlox (Phlox subulata) …

Golden Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia) …

Mazus (Mazus reptans) …

Creeping Thyme (Thymus Serpyllum coccineus) …

Big Root Geraniums (Geranium macrorrhizum)More items….

Is Creeping Jenny invasive?

Also known as creeping jenny and creeping yellow loosestrife, moneywort (Lysimachia nummularia) is a low-growing herbaceous invasive perennial which threatens wetland areas. Native to Europe and western Asia, this invasive plant was first introduced into the US as a horticultural groundcover in the early 1700s.

What is the best alternative to grass?

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to a Grassy LawnGroundcovers. Groundcovers sprawl across the ground but don’t grow tall, eliminating the need to mow, providing the perfect alternative to grass. … Corsican Mint. … Creeping Thyme. … Clover. … Ornamental Grasses. … Evergreen Moss. … Native Perennial Beds. … Artificial Turf.

What is the fastest growing evergreen ground cover?

The Fastest-Growing Evergreen Ground Cover PlantsCreeping Phlox (Phlox Subulata)Golden Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia Nummularia)Mazus (Mazus Reptans)Tufted Creeping Phlox (Phlox Stolonifera)Creeping Thyme (Thymus Serpyllum coccineus)Big Root Geraniums (Geranium macrorrhizum)Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum)More items…

What is a good ground cover to prevent weeds?

Golden creeping Jenny is also called moneywort. The ‘Aurea’ cultivar is an ideal ground cover for suppressing weeds….Low-Maintenance, Weed-Abating, Perennial Ground Covers.namePhlox Subulata (Creeping Phlox)water requirementsdry soilsun needsfull sunzones3-95 more columns•Sep 12, 2019

Do ground cover plants prevent weeds?

But when planting ground cover plants, you’ll avoid much of that. Sure, you may still have some weed issues, but once the ground cover takes over, most weeds won’t survive. The dense matting of roots that these hardy little plants put down choke out other growth.

Will Vinca choke out weeds?

Unfortunately, most perennials are not able to choke out weeds on their own. You will need to removed the existing weeds and prepare the soil for this planting just as you would any garden area. … The vinca, ajuga, and pachysandra are usually planted in the spring as small starts.

What is the best drought tolerant ground cover?

Perennial Drought-Tolerant Ground Covers01 of 07. Angelina Sedum. Satakorn/Getty Images. … Yellow Alyssum. Nahhan/Getty Images. You are probably familiar with sweet alyssum, which is treated as an annual plant in the North. … 03 of 07. Ice Plant. … 04 of 07. Candytuft. … Vinca Minor. carlos engelkamp/Getty Images. … 06 of 07. Bugleweed or Ajuga. … 07 of 07. Chinese Lantern Plants.

How long does ground cover take to spread?

Spreading from stolons (underground stems), it will grow into a colony about 2 feet across in a couple of years. Not as aggressive as some, you may want to spread it around; that’s easy to do, just plunge your trowel into the earth and take a hunk (making sure that you have some of the roots).

What is the best low maintenance ground cover?

18 Tough GroundcoversDwarf Mondo Grass. Dwarf mondo grass provides a sort of natural carpet beneath this bench. … Moss. Moss makes a beautiful border in this Japanese garden and requires no mowing, leaving more time for meditation.Ajuga. … Creeping Jenny. … Sedum. … Asiatic Jasmine. … Liriope. … Vinca Minor.More items…

What is the best perennial ground cover?

21 Best Ground Cover Plants Try out in Your Yard This Season of 21. Flowering Thyme. … of 21. Alyssum. … of 21. Sedum ‘Dragon’s Blood’ … of 21. Delosperma (“Ice Plant”) … of 21. Black Mondo Grass. … of 21. Liriope. … of 21. Lily of the Valley. … of 21. Spotted Dead-Nettle.More items…•

What ground cover chokes weeds?

The Dragon’s blood sedum or Schorbuser Blut is considered the most versatile and toughest ground cover that can choke out weeds. Similar to creeping jenny, this type of ground cover also has stems that easily root, so it’s fast to proliferate.

What should I plant on a steep slope ground cover?

Steep, sunny slopes are perfect for perennials such as daylilies, creeping phlox, lamb’s ears, stonecrop and a variety of ornamental grasses. A number of woody plants can also serve as good groundcovers, especially creeping juniper, fragrant sumac, bearberry, and Russian arborvitae.

What ground cover can you walk on?

Thyme. Fragrant and resilient, thyme makes a superb groundcover for sunny spots in your landscape where you can enjoy its fresh scent every time you walk by. Some of the best varieties are the non culinary types, such as red creeping thyme, mother-of-thyme, and wooly thyme.