Quick Answer: How Long Should A Sparge Take?

How do you Sparge?

Fly sparging works best with an automated system.Set up a sparge arm that gently sprinkles hot water on the top of the grain bed.Begin draining, or pumping, sparge water through the arm.Drain your mash tun into the kettle just fast enough to match the sparge water flow rate.More items….

How long should batch sparging take?

With batch sparging, the runoffs (usually the first two) are combined into a single batch. After conversion, the sweet wort is recirculated as normal and the mashtun is completely drained as quickly as possible. This usually takes about 3–5 minutes.

Can you over Sparge?

Hot Sparging and Astringency However sparging too hot will result in tannin extraction in the finished beer. The maximum temperature for sparging is 170 F (77 C). Sparging above that can result in tannin extraction.

When should you stop sparging?

You can expect to spend 30-90 minutes sparging in a fly sparge setup. Using fly sparging you can approach 90% efficiency, but should be careful not to over sparge and leach tannins from your grains. You should stop sparging when your runnings reach 1.010 or have a ph of 6.0 or greater.