Question: Why Didn’T Obito Give Kakashi His Eyes?

How did obito give Kakashi his eye?

Just like the SO6P did with naruto and sasuke, he used his SO6P chakra (yes he still had this even after being stripped of the ten-tails) and transfered his chakra to kakashi, that is why kakashi can use all of the MS abilities without any harm, because of the SO6P chakra Obito gave to him.

Not complex at all..

Why can t Sasuke use Kamui?

Madara cant use Amaterasu nor can Kamui since his eyes do not grant that ability. Kamui is Obito’s ability (in both eyes) and Amaterasu is Itachi’s (left eye) and Sasuke could use it only because Itachi gave it to him just before he died (Sasuke left eye also). In both eyes Itachi has Tsukiyomi.

Was obito afraid of Itachi?

Obito never feared of Itachi. He never cared about him at all, just used him like he wanted to use Sasuke.

Why didn’t obito give Kakashi his eyes?

Kakashi couldn’t use his eye to it’s full potential due to not being an Uchiha. While Obito went toe to toe with Minato using only the right eye.

What was Itachi’s illness?

Originally Answered: What was Itachi suffering from? Itachi was actually suffering from a respiratory disease which he was diagnosed with sometime after he joined the Anbu. Even though he continued to train and master his sharingan and genjutsu, this sickness limited his physical prowess and stamina.

Can obito see what Kakashi sees?

User Info: Fz_Echo. Obito can see everything Kakashi sees in his sharingan eye.

Why did Kakashi lose both Sharingan?

Through really bad writing, Obito grants Kakashi access to both of his Mangekyo Sharingan by… … Either way, Kakashi loses his Sharingan because the writing stopped being bad. If you want the non-satirical answer, he lost it because Obito’s chakra dissipated.

Can Kakashi still use the jutsu he copied?

Yes he can. His sharingan enables him to see the hand seals movement of the enemy, where then he do the same seals, thus copying the jutsu.

Who is the strongest sannin?

Naruto: 5 Characters Stronger Than The Legendary Sannin (& 5 That Are Weaker)1 WEAKER: Onoki Due To Old Age.2 STRONGER: Hagoromo Otsutsuki With Godly Powers. … 3 WEAKER: Tobirama Senju Who Lost To A Weaker Pair Of Shinobi. … 4 STRONGER: Madara Uchiha Who Took On The Entire Shinobi Alliance. … More items…•

Can obito beat Itachi?

Obito with Rinnegan (without Juubi)definitely beat Itachi. Itachi has only Armor Susanoo, but Obito can Summons Gedo Mazo, Obito is faster, because he can use Kamui, Itachi can use Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, Obito can use wood style, he has more Chakra. … every version of part 2 Obito beats Itachi.

How did obito not go blind?

obito’s eyes doesn’t go blind due to the healing effect of the wood style lifeforce implanted in him. Kakashi died while using the mangekyou during his fight with pain.

Why did obito turn evil?

Madara Uchiha is why Obito becomes evil. Everything that happened to Obito after being rescued by Madara was Madara’s scheme. He placed a seal on Rin’s heart, that seal prevented her from taking her own life. … So we can say it was an undying relic(Madara) and a dead medic ninja (Rin) that made Obito become evil.

Who is the weakest in Akatsuki?

Here is Every Member Of The Akatsuki, Ranked Weakest To Strongest.1 Madara Uchiha.2 Obito Uchiha/Tobi. … 3 Pain/Nagato. … 4 Orochimaru. … 5 Itachi Uchiha. … 6 Kabuto Yakushi. … 7 Black Zetsu. … 8 Shin Uchiha. … More items…•

Did obito hate Kakashi?

And he hated Kakashi because Kakashi failed to protect Rin, that’s it. Because Obito sacrifice for Rin, and he loves her so much so, Kakashi didn’t know which was the real Rin so, his use his Blue Jutsu to kill the Fake Rin.!

Did Kakashi kill obito?

She was later rescued by Kakashi and Obito. Although they succeeded in rescuing her, Obito was crushed in a cave-in caused by Kakkō. Before Obito “died” however, he asked Rin to implant his Sharingan into Kakashi’s left eye socket to replace the latter’s damaged one.

Did obito forgive Kakashi?

Rin accepted it and Obito saw her accept it through Kakashi’s eye. Hence, he never resented Kakashi himself but rather the world that created this situation and forced Rin to commit suicide. It’s never been about who killed Rin.

What episode does obito give Kakashi eye?

Obito awakens his sharingan in episode 120 of naruto shippuden. he awakens his sharingan when kakashi loses his eye, he gained his shringan while he was protecting kakashi ( after kakashi was on the ground holding his cut eye), from a shinobi who can use some sort of invisibility or camouflage jutsu.

Can Kakashi still use 1000 jutsu?

Yes he can still use them, he used to sharingan to copy and memorize the techniques but he himself remembered how to use them after that.

Who is Naruto’s brother?

Itachi UchihaThus Naruto’s brother is Itachi Uchiha, the Solo king himself.

What if Kakashi had both Sharingan?

Even if kakashi has sharingan in both the eyes, he may be able to resist Itachi’s genjutsu to large extent but he could never be on the offensive. While Itachi’s is most proficient with genjutsu, Kakashi is a master of ninjutsu. … This jutsu was so strong that it has become sasuke’s most preferred ninjutsu.

Why didnt obito kill Kakashi?

During his time of Obito being with Madara, the White Zetsus told him that Rin and “Stupid Kakashi” were in trouble. … At that time, Obito had a huge chance of killing Kakashi, but for some reason, he did not want to kill the person who took the love of his life away from him.