Is A Diagnostic Radiographer A Doctor?

Why do I want to be a diagnostic radiographer?

Caring for patients is at the heart of what radiographers do.

Radiographers must be able to work and communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds.

They must be compassionate and have empathy.

When you study to become a radiographer, you will develop your people skills in order to provide excellent patient care..

Do radiographers make good money?

No denying it: radiographers typically make good money. Radiologic technologists in 2014 made a median annual wage of $54,620, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top 10 percent made more than $77,160 and the lowest 10 percent earned less than $37,060.

Is a radiographer a doctor?

Sometimes ultrasound scans may be performed by a radiologist. Radiologists provide a written report of the results of your examination which he or she will send to your doctor. A radiographer is a person who has been trained to take your X-ray or perform your MRI or CT scan.

What qualifications do you need to be a diagnostic radiographer?

To get onto a diagnostic radiography degree course you usually need: two or three A levels, including physics, chemistry or biology/human biology, along with five GCSEs (grades A-C), including English language, maths and science.

Is diagnostic radiography a good career?

Radiography is an advancing profession, very varied, requires strong patient care and high levels of patient contact, but it’s very rewarding. There is a high demand for radiographers and, when I qualified, everyone in my year had a job before even sitting their final examinations!

What is the difference between radiography and diagnostic radiography?

In short, diagnostic radiographers use complex equipment to produce images such as x-rays or scans. … Therapeutic radiographers use radiation to treat cancer and tissue defects. To work in either of this fields, you will need an approved degree.

What are the disadvantages of being a radiologist?

CONS:You don’t get to use all your medical knowledge.Your work is behind the scenes.The work can be repetitive.AI will change the way radiologists work.Your work can go underappreciated.It’s not completely stress free.You have to keep up with technology.

What does a diagnostic radiographer do?

Diagnostic Radiographers generally use x-rays, alongside other imaging modalities, to see inside a patient’s body and help diagnose what is wrong with them. In the Radiology Theatres the Radiographer is an essential part of the team.

How many years does it take to be a radiographer?

Step 2: Apply for and attend an accredited undergraduate radiologic technology program (two to four years): Radiologic technologists may earn either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree to be eligible for certification from the ARRT.

How much do diagnostic radiographers earn?

As a newly qualified radiographer your starting salary is likely to be £24,907 (Band 5), rising up the pay scale to £30,615. As an experienced radiographer you can earn between £31,365 and £37,890 (Band 6). Typical salaries for advanced practice and management roles are between £38,890 and £51,668 (Bands 7 to 8a).

How many hours do radiographers work?

37 hoursYou will usually work around 37 hours a week, which may include shifts and unsocial hours (such as evenings, weekend and public holidays).